Block Paving Patio Extension in Redditch

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Block Paving Patio Extension in Redditch

We recently completed a block-paved driveway extension for a customer in Redditch. The customer contacted us for advice about extending their existing block paved drive, which was too small for their needs. Successfully extending a block paved drive needs to be completed sensitively and to ensure a good match to the existing blocks. Woodlands Driveways and Landscaping have the experience to complete such projects successfully, installing new blocks that blend well with the old, and refurbishing and cleaning the old areas so they are as close in appearance to the new blocks as possible.

On first contact, we arranged to visit the property to discuss the project. We identified the type and colour of blocks in use for the existing driveway, which we were able to source. Once all the necessary ground preparation was completed we spliced the new block pavers into the old and worked to build the new extended area, in the same pattern, and to meet the customer’s specifications. The newly extended area of driveway and the old driveway area, which was refurbished and cleaned to improve the match, were both infilled with kiln-dried sand.

Before and After Gallery

The gallery below shows the block-paving driveway before we extended the driveway right through to the new larger block paved driveway.

Over a short period of time the new extended area of the driveway will ‘weather in’ so the driveway extension becomes practically undetectable.

If you are struggling for space on your drive, please consider a driveway extension. Woodlands Driveways and Landscapes would be happy to help.