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Driveway FAQs

Below are a selection of frequently asked questions we get about our Driveway installation service. If you have any questions at all about getting a new driveway, or an existing driveway repaired please get in touch.

Do you work in frost / snow or wet weather conditions?
Yes, we try to work in most weather conditions, however, heavy rain or hard frost can sometimes delay work. We will never risk the quality and standard of work by pressing on with your driveway installation if we feel poor weather conditions will compromise the finish and integrity of the driveway.
How can I stop the weeds growing on my block paved drive?
If your block paved driveway has been installed professionally and to a high standard then weeds should be minimal and certainly not appear for the first few years. Any weeds are likely to be brought in by wind or seeds dropped by birds. Quick fixes include regular brushing to disturb weeds before they establish, manually removing weeds with a hoe or scraper, weedkiller is also effective. Keeping the drive clean and free of dirt will also help prevent weeds.
Will my new driveway need to be sealed?
Sealing depends on the type of driveway installation you have and your requirements. We will discuss and make recommendations for sealing at the quotation stage. Driveway sealing and re-surfacing is something we can help with.
What type of maintenance is required for my driveway?
The maintenance required depends on the type of driveway you have had installed. Generally, we recommend keeping your driveways free of debris and well swept. You may wish to wash and brush to clean your drive once a year and in the case of a block paved driveway you could replenish the dry kiln sand, brushing it between the block paving with a broom. For older drives and driveways we also offer driveway maintenance and a driveway cleaning service.
Will my new driveway need to have any drainage?
Yes, absolutely – each driveway project is different but drainage is extremely important and needs to be considered. We will assess this at the quotation stage and make sure all necessary driveway drainage is in place.
Do you have any examples of recent driveway projects you’ve completed?
Yes, please see the gallery of completed driveways on our driveways page. We are exceptionally proud of the work we do, our workmanship, and the impact our work has on a property in terms of both functionality and kerb appeal.
I would like to extend my existing driveway. Is it possible to match the colour and style?
Yes, it is possible to extend an existing driveway installation (providing there’s available space!) and we will do our utmost to match the colour and style.
Do I need any planning permission to extend my driveway to include some of my front garden which is currently grass?
Providing adequate drainage is in place allowing water to run off to a permeable surface then planning permission should not be necessary. It is, however, the homeowner’s responsibility to gain clarification on this from their local council planning office. We can certainly point you in the right direction.
What kind of blocks do you use?
We use a variety of natural stone and high-quality blocks for our block paved driveways and patios. There are many colours and finishes available to choose from and we will be happy to show you a selection at the quotation stage along with photos of driveway installations completed in the same blocks.
Can you repair and clean my existing driveway for me?
Yes, please contact us for a quotation for a cleaning a driveway, we can also help with driveway maintenance and repairs.
How long will my new driveway last for?
If well maintained your new driveway should last for many years. Lifespan will depend on the type of driveway and materials used. We will be happy to advise on the lifespan of a particular type of driveway at the point of quotation and as we assist you in choosing the type of drive and materials to be used. Good groundwork and professional installation are extremely important and these will help extend the life of a driveway.
Which is cheapest, Tarmac or block paving?
We find tarmac driveways work out cheaper than block paving. We can provide a driveway solution for all sizes of budget.
What colours are available for a tarmac drive?
There are many colours available. Black and red tarmac are the most popular. Please let us know of your colour requirements when you contact us for a quote.
Do I need to provide any materials for the driveway installation?
No, we will source and provide all of the materials required to complete your new driveway.
Which areas do you cover?
Woodlands Driveways are based in Wythall, and we offer driveway and landscaping services to the local surrounding areas of Bromsgrove, Redditch, Droitwich, Solihull, and wider Worcestershire and South Birmingham area.
Some areas of my existing block paved driveway appear to be sinking. Can you help with a driveway repair?
Yes, we are happy to come out and assess your drive and see if it’s suitable for a driveway repair for you. We can provide advice and a quote to address any issues with your faulty or damaged drive.
Who will be carrying out the driveway installation work?
All of the driveway installers working on your project are employed directly by Woodlands Driveways, we’re a small family-run business and do not employ subcontractors. Our driveway installers are highly skilled and experienced at what they do, so we can guarantee a perfect driveway every time.
Do you use subcontractors?
We do not use contractors or sub-contract any of our driveways installation work or indeed any projects to other companies. All work is carried out by our skilled and experienced driveway installation team.
What experience do your driveways installers have?
Woodlands Driveways have been working and installing driveways in and around Worcestershire, Birmingham, and the West Midlands for over 30 years. We have experience with almost all types of road surfacing techniques, in particular, block paving, tarmacing, and block paved driveways. We also maintain, repair, and extend existing patios and driveways. We also provide ideas and advice at the planning stage based on our extensive knowledge and experience of driveways and landscaping.
Other than installing Driveways, do you offer any other services?
Yes, we can help with landscaping, fences and fencing, walls, brick steps, block paved patios, paths and paving. We also take great care to ensure the appropriate drainage and ground preparation is used on all our installations.
Will you be onsite everyday until the project is complete?
Yes, in most cases, once work commences we will work each day until the job is complete. We do not work weekends unless we feel it’s necessary or without your prior agreement.
Do you work at weekends?
Occasionally we may ask your permission to continue work at the weekend to finish your driveway installation.
Will all rubbish associated with the installation be removed from our property?
Yes, We will remove all rubbish associated with our work from your property upon completion of work, if not before. At the end of each working day, we will ensure that even where work is not complete that your property is accessible, tidy, and safe.
How long will my driveway installation take?
Each project is different and the length of time required to complete the job will vary from project to project depending on the condition of the existing surface, the level of groundwork preparation required, the area to be covered. The materials and method being used and the complexity of the project will also affect the time it takes to complete your driveway. We will always give you an estimate of how long it should take to complete your driveway or patio installation project and we will communicate with you throughout the job on our progress and on our estimated completion date.
What is the lead time for new work? How long will I have to wait before you can start my driveway?
Generally our lead time is anything from 2 to 4 weeks (sometimes longer during peak times) however if you have a particular timeframe in mind please let us know at the quotation stage and we will let you know if we can accommodate your timeframes.
Is your work guaranteed?
Yes, all of our work is fully guaranteed against spreading or sinking. If you have any concerns about your completed driveway installation please get in touch.
What surface and groundwork is necessary to lay a new drive?
We will first make a site visit to assess the job at the point of providing you with a quotation. This will include understanding the existing surface, determining the groundwork and preparation that will be required for the new driveway, patio installation, and any drainage requirements.
Can I get a reference from someone who has had work completed by you?
Yes, we have many examples of our completed projects in the gallery on our website. We also regularly share our completed works on Facebook and Google. Over the years we’ve had hundreds of positive driveway reviews on Checkatrade, Google, and Facebook from satisfied customers. Please speak to us for more information if you would like a reference.
Do you require a deposit? When is the balance due?
On some occasions a deposit may be required upon commencement of work with the balance due on completion. The deposit required depends on the total value of the job and the type of work and materials required. We will advise you if a deposit is required at the quotation stage. Though generally a deposit is not required and payment is only needed when the job is complete and you’re happy with everything.
Can you lower the kerb to make access to my drive easier?
You may only lower a kerb for vehicular access with the permission of your local council. In some cases the council will use their own contractors, however, if permitted, we would be happy to help.
Can I drive on my new driveway as soon as you have finished work?
No, we will tape off the driveway or patio once complete and advise you on timescales for removing the tape and using your new drive or patio. Generally, this will be 24 – 48 hours, however, we will advise on each job individually.